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Lixing He(何力行)

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Automation college of UESTC(University of electronic science and technology of China, Chengdu)


GPA: 90.4/100, Rank: 7/315

GPA: 4.0/4.0 at UC Berkeley

Toefl: 98, GRE: 328

Prospective graduate student


Our paper “SCSV2: Physics-informed Self-Configuration Sensing through Vision and Vibration Context Modeling” will appear at the Third Workshop of Combining Physical and Data-Driven Knowledge in Ubiquitous Computing (CPD 2020) as part of Ubicomp 2020.PDF


Hello, my name is Lixing He, an undergraduate student from UESTC major in Automation. I studied at UC Berkeley as exchange student in Spring 2020 and worked with Prof. Shijia Panfrom UC Merced. Now I am collaborating with Prof. Jun Han from National University of Singapore.

Research interest

My research interest includes signal processing and optimization modelling, and their applications on Cyber-physical system and Security.


  1. Visit student of National University of Singapore(Singapore), 2018
  2. Campus electronic design contest, design signal generator(Chengdu, China) 2018
  3. Earth information detection lab, signal processing in oil digging(Chengdu, China), 2018, 2019
  4. Undergraduate internship of China Academy Of Engineering Physics, machine learning in physics(Beijing, China), 2019
  5. National mathematics modelling contest, optimization modelling(Chengdu, China), 2019
  6. Visiting Student of UC Berkeley. Course: optimization model, Digital Signal Processing, Intro to AI(Berkeley, US), 2020
  7. Intern student of UC Merced, sensor self-calibration based on sensor fusion(Merced, US), 2020
  8. Research Assistant of National University of Singapore, Cyber-physical security(Singapore), 2020


  1. Great student scholarship of China in UESTC, 2018, 2019
  2. Shiqiang company scholarship, 2019
  3. Liren scholarship, 2018


  1. Volunteer teacher in Dazhou, Sichuan 2018
  2. Student assistant of human resource department in UESTC, 2018
  3. Recruitment head of UESTC in Jiangxi province, 2018
  4. Department leader in student union, 2018, 2019

Skills and favor

  1. Language: Mandarin(Native), English(Professional), C, Python, Matlab, verilog.
  2. Sports: Badminton, Tennis.
  3. Favor: History, technology